40 minutes between the boards

proposition, 2008


Night School Public Seminar 9: Sleepwalking in a dialectical picture puzzle

Day 1: 40 minutes between the boards
An introduction by Natascha Sadr Haghighian

A series of blackboards are installed in the auditorium. Objects sketched in chalk on the boards serve as coordinates for a forty-minute theoretical walk-through. The drawings function as links to theory, personal experiences, and questions that arise from problems with representational formats. The walk-through operates in between those coordinates, reflecting on defacement, renaming, and other possible and impossible ways of confronting representations one can’t get rid of: representations that, through their apparitional features, block the access to situations, to negotiation and to change.

The proposition was part of unitednationsplaza in Mexico City and developed further for Night School at the New Museum in New York.