Nicolas of Cusa had to create a kind of portmanteau word, he had contaminated two Latin words. Why? It is a good verbal creation. At that moment one spoke Latin, so it passed by way of Latin, he said: The being of things is the Possest‚. it means nothing if you haven’t done Latin, I am going to explain. Possest: it doesn’t exist as a word, it is an inexistent word, he created it, this word, the Possest. It is a very pretty word, it is a pretty word for Latin. It is an awful barbarism, this word is awful. But philosophically is beautiful, it is a success. When one creates a word it is necessary that [xxxx xxxx] there are disasters, nothing is determined in advance. Possest is made of two terms in Latin, posse‚ which is the infinitive of the verb to be able to(pouvoir), and est is the third person of the verb to be (être) in the present indicative, he is‚ (il est). Posse and est, he contaminates the two and it gives Possest. And what is the Possest ? The Possest is precisely the identity of the power (puissance) and of the act by which I define [xxxx xxxx]. So I would not define something by its essence, what it is, I would define it by this barbaric definition, its Possest : what it can do. Literally: what it can actually do. […] Gilles Deleuze: Spinoza 09/12/1980 Power (puissance), Classical Natural Right

possest group currently is

bioswop -a plattform to swap and assemble CVs

seda naiumad -who is an assistant in her own right

natascha sadr haghighian -who tries to understand contemporary modes of world-making

natascha süder happelmann -ssshhh we’re stones. don’t move. and when I say run, run!

robbie williams -the artist not the singer

institute for incongruous translation -supporting discord and negotiation in translation

sascha -observing the observer since 2001

The possest group’s website contains material from projects by its members such as texts, videos, audio and metadata.

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