SOLO SHOW (New York edition)

The project SOLO SHOW arose from a two year process of collaboration with Uwe Schwarzer, head of mixedmedia berlin.

mixedmedia berlin is a company for artwork production and development based in Berlin. They produce the works of internationally established and well-known artists. Even though they are involved in a lot of major exhibitions around the world, they are generally unknown. Working on a confidential basis with and for the artists they are normally not being mentioned and stay in the background.

In order to be able to show and talk about the work of a company like mixedmedia berlin and in that process examine the myth of the solo artist, we had to invent a fictional artist named ‘Robbie Williams’. We produced his first ‘SOLO SHOW’ and documented the production process. The project is comprised of a two-part exhibition and a publication, that contains among other things interviews with Uwe Schwarzer and Robbie Williams. The exhibition is divided into two rooms where in one room the solo show of the fictional artist is presented and introduced in a wall text. The work consists of five objects that resemble horse jumping fences. The objects are entirely produced by mixed media. In the second space, The wall texts announces everybody involved in the production of the exhibition. In the empty space the sound of a horse galloping and jumping over fences is audible. By means of an eight channel speaker system the sound seems to be moving around the room.

The project discusses questions of authorship, division of labour and value added in contemporary art.

IINN PPEERRPPEETTUUAALL PPRROODDUUCCTTIIOONN, newspaper in two parts that accompanied the exhibition SOLO SHOW at e-flux project space in New York 2013


Download the PDF file .


Download the PDF file .