texts and links of “…deeply__to the notion that the___world is ___to the observer…” (committed) (real) (external)

further texts and links on the oil crisis and it’s role within a political, economical and cultural framework

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texts in english:

oil: ‘the so-called energy crisis’

money: ‘now a fiat currency’

car production: ‘doing more with less’

labour: ‘as immaterial labour’

art: ‘the object’s becoming wholly obsolete’

car free sunday : ‘slalom biking on the freeway’

same texts english/german mixed:

oil: ‘the so-called energy crisis’

money: ‘now a fiat currency’

autoproduktion: ‘doing more with less’

arbeit: ‘als immaterielle arbeit’

art: ‘the object’s becoming wholly obsolete’

autofreier sonntag: ‘slalomfahrn auf der umgehungsstrasse’

here you find links that lead to complete texts and further material:


definition of petrodollar

economics of petrodollar

Oil Imperialism and the US-Israel Relationship: Noam Chomsky interviewed by Roger Hurwitz, David Woolf & Sherman Teichman

interview with behrooz abdolvand and matthias adolf


seizing arab oil (article originally written by henry kissinger in 1975 under the pseudonym Miles Ignotus)

Iraq: oil and the Bush plan for global domination

Revisited – The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq by William Clark

bp oil

review on Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, War, 1973-92

reply to the review by midnight notes 


henry s.k. liu ‘us dollar hegemony has got to go’

Political Economy of International Crisis

fiat money

gold standard

goldstandard geschichte

bretton woods

U.N. to let Iraq sell oil for euros, not dollars

“The Choice of Currency for the Denomination of the Oil Bill,” speech given by javad yarjani, head of OPEC’s petroleum market analysis dept, on the international role of the euro, april 14, 2002, oviedo, spain (the speech is no longer available on the OPEC website, alternative link is an article by the same author on the OPEC bulletin)


lean production

von taylor und ford zur ‘lean production’


informatisierung der arbeit

car free:



reclaim the streets

reclaim the streets 2