Tribute to Whistle



tribute to whistle
by Natascha Süder Happelmann
56:39 min.
contributions: Jessica Ekomane, Maurice Louca, DJ Marfox, Jako Maron, Tisha Mukarji, Elnaz Seyedi

edit: Natascha Sadr Haghighian,
sound: Nicholas Bussmann, Martin Eichberg,
production: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen/Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2019


This radio edit is based on a recording of the installation tribute to whistle that took place at the German Pavilion of Biennale Arte di Venezia as part of Ankersentrum on the night of may 5 2019. Eight Schoeps MK 4s Microphones were distributed in various positions throughout the space and set to record over night. The eight channel recording was then edited and mixed into a stereo version for vinyl and radio.

The LP record version can be ordered via email at studio (at)


Politics needs emotional intelligence. How does it take shape?

In the forty-eight channel sound installation tribute to whistle, six musical pieces with their distinct subjectivities share a space. As they overlap, intersect, collide and merge in different intensities, a sociality is perpetually formed without end. None of them is in full control, nor is there a clock synchronising them. While at moments silences occur between them – equally uncontrollable – at other moments the sound accumulates to a sudden density. As the pieces have particular spatial arrangements for their respective ensembles of eight speakers, each expands and moves uniquely in the space. The dominant, often sole instrument is the whistle.


Individual musical pieces as part of tribute to whistle:

Jessica Ekomane
Off-shore (Largo – Allegro – Allegretto) (2019): moderato 1:56 min., vivace 0:47 min., duet 0:32 min.; Calling all, this is our last cry before our eternal
silence (2019), 1:27 min.; Message to the Youth (2019), 2:48 min.

Maurice Louca
no title (2019), 8:44 min.

DJ Marfox
Ring Ring (2019), 6:46 min., produced by DJ Marfox; additional production and mastering by DJ N.K.

Jako Maron
Léspwar saviré (part 1 & part 2) (2019), 9:36 min.

Tisha Mukarji
Petra-pan for 4 tin whistles, blackbird whistle, Birkhahn, lark whistle, nose flute, clarinet and piano (2019), 9:30 min., performed by Kai Fagaschinski and Ute Wassermann

Elnaz Seyedi
awakening (2018–19), 7:00 min., whistles: Rie Watanabe