bioswop is a cv-exchange plattform. The idea is to provide curriculum vitaes, bios, resumes for mutual utilisation and borrowing as well as basic elements of cvs for assembly. People can provide their cv for this purpose.In the case of use, the person can be informed that their CV or parts of it is borrowed by someone. For institutions the idea is, to provide the name of the institution for utilisation and maybe even the programm. With a list of several Institutions the assembly of a cv is possible without utilising existing CV’s.The assembled or borrowed cv can be downloaded as a pdf file. it will carry a footnote ‘this cv was borrowed through’.

The project is entirely based on trust and involves no monetarian exchange. a sensible use of peoples information is selfunderstood.

In best case scenario it should devaluate the notion of CVs altogether, the essentialist elements like e.g. origin as well as the accumulated trade value created through image exchange on the market place.