stammheim (germany)-
high security/isolation prison
was especially build for leaders of the ‘rote armee fraktion’, a german antiimperialistic guerillia army in the 70-80ies.
it contains isolation cells that became the prototype for prison-technology in europe.
isolation causes sensoric deprivation of the inmate. it is also called ‘white torture’.
the inmate is not allowed to have contact with other inmates. they are under constant surveillance. the walls and furniture are white. inside the cell they cannot hear what is outside and also cannot be heard. they cannot switch off the light.
after some time the ability to speak, hear and orientate is disturbed. then the nervous system is increasingly damaged. isolated imprisonment leads to total destruction of the personality.(quote from an anti-prison campaign)
f-typ prisons are build after
the stammheim model. they are
currently being installed in turkey.
the turkish government consulted
german prison specialists to build
after the european prison standards.
these prison-standards were also
brought to spain before they
joined the EU.
inmates of several turkish prisons are on hungerstrike since autumn 2000. they protest against being moved to f-typ prisons. till now they were able to live in larger groups and move around. several inmates died during a police raid in autumn.since then there is also an increasing number of deaths as a result of the hungerstrike.
turkey is threatened to be isolated itself. in order to become member of the european union, it has to fulfill certain standards. one of which is the prison standards.
‘what was once a means of location of himself, is being thrown back at him, causing a feedback, being multiplied between the walls and then again in multiple potencies chased back faster and faster, until a single word and these walls become one in a whistling highfrequency-noise.’
(description of the effect of isolation. quote from an anti prison-campaign)